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What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"Friendly service; great prices; convenient gift shop"

"The staff are all friendly and very courteous."

"You are helpful and economical. The staff is friendly and helpful. I love coming into the shop! I love the new app too!!!"

"The friendly and courteous staff, and the speed at which you fill prescriptions."

"Friendly staff"

"Friendly staff, and lots to look at to keep me busy while I wait for my prescriptions."

"Fast, efficient, and friendly"

"Everyone is very friendly and nice."

"The people"

"Friendly, helpful, and above and beyond service"


"I love Roanoke Pharmacy. I never have any issues with any of my prescriptions. They are super fast and precise. I had to go to another pharmacy once, and it was such a hassle compared to Roanoke. Roanoke takes care of any issues that come up."

"How friendly, and welcoming, everyone is."

"I've used them for 25 years!"

"Promptness and Christianity"



"Roanoke Pharmacy is always fast and friendly. The staff is great! So much better than a big chain store, and I can shop in the wonderful gift shop too! I give a lot of gifts from there; it is so convenient! I love this store!"

"Friendly staff!"

"All pharmacists are very helpful and go out of their way to help. When we first got our new, terrible, insurance in April 2017, they searched for manufacturing discounts. There's an Rx that's over $400/month - I asked about a cash price, not using insurance,..... I now pay only $100 !"

"The friendly and helpful staff!"

"The great job you do, and how much you care!! The trust I have in your pharmacy."

"The people, and the fact that you deliver. "

"The friendly staff"

"Good people work there."

"Small-town feel"

"I absolutely love this pharmacy. The staff is friendly and very helpful. They refill my prescription while I am standing there. The gift shop is incredible; I purchase most my gifts there. I will never go anywhere else!"

"Your staff is always courteous and respectful. Sometimes when we come in right after a doctor visit, and we're not feeling our best, it is heartwarming to be greeted so kindly."


"The people"

"Reminds me of pharmacies of old - both personable and helpful."

"The personal touch - you know my name when I come in!"

"The friendly staff who really cares about me and my health."

"Everyone is always very friendly and helpful!"

"The convenient location, and the friendly staff."

"I love the friendly and efficient staff. The entire facility is a wonderful experience."

"Local and professional"

"The knowledgeable and trustworthy pharmacists."

"That you deliver to my address, but I love to shop too! Your pharmacy provides some unique gifts, especially religious ones, at a reasonable price. Thanks!"

"The friendly and helpful staff, as well as, the pharmacists who care and look out for my best interest."

"The service!!"

"That everyone who works there is helpful and friendly."

"Customer service, and friendly"

"Everything, but the Christian atmosphere is what keeps us coming!"

"Great staff & pharmacist!"

"Friendly people"

"Friendly and efficient"

"Your employees are extremely knowledgeable and super friendly!!"

"Greatness & response time"

"Local and very personal"

"The wonderful service and employees!"

"In-store shopping"



"Personal attention"


"The people who work there."

"The personnel are very friendly and helpful. The pharmacists are always willing to answer questions, and help us find any coupons that will reduce the costs of medications."

"Personable; kind; caring"

"The customer service!"

"The customer service is amazing!"

"The friendliness"

"The customer service at this pharmacy surpasses ANY pharmacy I have ever been to before. They always address me by my name when I walk through the door, and I have never had to wait more then ten minutes after bringing in a prescription. Thank you."

"All the fun things to look at and buy, and that the staff is always nice."

"The people, and the staff, are competent."

"Friendly and fast"

"Personal service; local; knowledgeable"

"Friendly!! It's a great place to pick up unique gift items!"

"Very helpful and friendly"

"Friendly staff"

"This pharmacy is SO personal! They treat you like a neighbor they have known forever! Don't change!"

"They are the best, nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with!"

"The friendly Christian atmosphere."

"I like the speed of service."

"They know me. They know my meds. I love looking around the pharmacy at all their merchandise. Also, Scott always wishes me a Happy Birthday."

"The ability to have orders delivered, or to have certain people pick up my order for me, is a huge help, because I'm often in the hospital or not home to accept the delivery."

"The people are knowledgable, and always friendly."

"The staff is always smiling and greets everyone that comes through the door, as though they are family. The gift shop is fabulous, with unique products. The pharmacists are very knowledgeable and I trust them with my family's medications."

"The folks, and it's fast."

"Very professional and very friendly"

"Your patience"

"They all know you by name, and are so very helpful!"

"Conveniently located"

"Small-town perfection!"

"Everyone is extremely nice, and it's the fastest pharmacy around."

"Friendly staff"

"Fast, friendly, and knowledgeable"

"Caring staff"

"The people"

"The people that work there."

"Absolutely love this pharmacy! The employees are wonderful! I will never go anywhere else!"

"Provides individual service so that I'm not just a number. The happy, friendly, and conscientious employees."

"Always so kind and willing to answer any questions"

"Wonderful employees!"

You can help Roanoke Pharmacy by leaving a great review on Google and Yelp - thank you!